Adapted from the Maine Sea Grant Website, Maine Property Owner’s Guide to Managing Flooding, Erosion & Other Coastal Hazards, which was based on an original document by Peter Slovinsky, (Slovinsky, 2011).

Attribution and Acknowledgements

Maine Sea Grant developed the prototype for the derivate site you are now using, with support from the NOAA Sectoral Applications Research Program and Maine Geological Survey. The prototype has been adapted for Connecticut by Dr. Jennifer O’Donnell, University of Connecticut, Department of Marine Sciences, and Dr. Juliana Barrett, Connecticut Sea Grant and University of Connecticut, Department of Extension, with comments from representatives of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Office of Long Island Sound Programs to provide content relevant to audiences in Connecticut. Neither Maine Sea Grant nor its collaborators are responsible for the content of this derivative Site, including the accuracy of any of the legal information contained in this derivative Site.
This project was funded by a Connecticut Sea Grant Development Fund Grant to Juliana Barrett.