More on Constructing Dunes

In addition to providing protection from storm waves and coastal flooding, restored dunes can provide critical habitat for a variety of plants and animals. Further guidance on dune construction, fencing, and management for restoring dune habitats is provided by the by the Long Island Sound Study in a technical guide on dune management and construction.  Massachusetts has a series of fact sheets that also provide information useful to coastal property owners.

Plant vegetation on the dune:

Native dune vegetation traps and stabilizes sand on the dune, increasing the dune height and width, thereby providing enhanced protection against storms and related erosion.

Most native dune plants have extensive root systems which, when mature, stabilize the dune system against the forces of erosion. Native dune plants are extremely salt-tolerant and can withstand periodic flooding by tidal water during storms and extreme high tide events.

See the Connecticut Coastal Planting Guide and the Coastal Landscaping Tool for more information on native coastal plantings.